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About Me

My name is Marcus Hicks.

I am based in the South West of England and have been writing songs since I bought my first guitar at 16. My interest in words and lyrics started before that with a passion for poetry and creative writing, providing a firm foundation for song writing.

Over the past 20 years I have been putting musical ideas and lyrics together taking me on a journey into many different musical genres. Working as a lyricist and offering song writing help and lyric writing help.

I am currently the prime lyrical creative for London based composer Lester Barnes,, as well as working with a variety of other UK and International based clients.


...what can I offer ?

For some people the lyrics are everything and often form the genesis of their song writing - for others finding the right way to get their message accros can be a huge barrier to developing as a songwriter.

I have worked with professional composers writing to a strict brief and timescale often with predefined criteria such as messaging and vocabulary.


I have also worked in a more collaborative style with other writers, where I can become a useful catalyst, bringing together and developing ideas into a finished product .

Finding just the right words to express your story or emotions through song can be hard - this is where I can help you.

Let me help you tell your story.

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